When I was young, I wanted to be exactly like my sister. Danielle is my older sister, and everything she did and liked, I wanted to do and like, too. She sketched and painted; so did I. Because of her, I grew up loving art. Danielle later went to college and majored in graphic design. When it was my turn to go a few years later, I was so impressed by the cool things she was able to do, I also majored in graphic design.

After graduation, the small town I lived in didn’t hold many opportunities for graphic designers. I worked at a coffee shop, then took a second job designing at a local magazine. At the shop, I especially enjoyed interacting with customers. The magazine didn’t give me much face-to-face time with anyone, even though I was able to work in the art field. I quickly learned that I was unhappy sitting at a computer and became disenchanted by the idea of being a professional designer. Working two jobs simultaneously was a great way to contrast the two environments. I realized I wanted to interact with people and still be involved with art. That’s when I decided it was time to return to school to become an art teacher.

I hope to be a teacher who inspires kids to excel in art, and show the students what all art can encompass besides just learning how to draw.  I want to teach kids about all kinds of art and expand their definitions of both “good” and “art.” I want to emphasize art history because I feel it leads to lifelong art appreciation. I wholeheartedly believe that, when students open their minds to creativity, it makes them smarter. I want to be an art teacher because it’s the most fun and interesting thing I think I could do with my life!