i like to make stuff



There are so many things that I love about creating art that it’s a challenge to narrow it down and put it into words. Right now, my artwork tends to focus on nature. I find natural, ephemeral objects to be appealing subject matter because I feel as if I don’t catch the magic of an object at a particular angle or in a particular moment, no one else will ever see it. Like most other artists, I think I see things that most other people may pass by, and it’s my duty to point these things out so it will hopefully change how others see and appreciate the world.

 I can’t say that I have a favorite medium; I enjoy oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, pastels, and charcoal. One of the perks of art is getting a little messy, after all. My go-to medium, however, has always been a nice simple pencil. I don’t often use the full range of leads, even though they produce more dramatic results. When I have an idea, the immediacy of sketching an idea often trumps the need for using a specific media.

I can’t say specifically where that comes from. I don’t think I’ve always been that way (with the quick sketching and the “catching the moment” bent), but on reflection, it seems to have come since my dad died. “Ephemeral” is the word that most often comes to mind when I look at my work, as I enjoy drawing leaves and flowers that quickly change color and wilt. While losing a parent is always hard, I have to credit my dad for always supporting me in my youth, and giving me a direction with my art in his death.