Class Rules

  • Respect yourself  by managing your time responsibly.
  • Respect your materials by using art supplies responsibly, safely and prudently.
  • Respect other students by cleaning your workspace and supplies, returning supplies to the proper place and not disturbing anyone else’s work.
  • Respect Mrs. Foushee by listening, asking questions and acting appropriately.

List of “Ask For” Items (including but certainly not limited to)

  • Construction Materials: wood scraps, wire, sandpaper, screening, leftover house paint, linoleum squares, ceramic tiles
  • Craft Supplies: fabric (anything from bedsheets to clothing scraps), string, thread, yarn, buttons, sequins, feathers, sewing needles, silk flowers
  • Reusuable Disposable Items: yogurt cups, paper towel tubes, magazines, old toothbrushes, paper grocery bags, washed styrofoam meat trays, used CDs, newspaper, wrapping paper, large bottles with a pump or pour spout & cap (like family sized shampoo bottles or liquid laundry detergent)
  • Art Supplies: old broken crayons, aprons/ smocks/ labcoats, posterboard, Sharpie markers, packs of printer paper, tissue paper, old paintbrushes, and of course— cool “junk” (anything with an interesting shape that can be used for still-life drawing, like plastic fruit, large toys, pitchers, urns, etc)